Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Club: Historic Photos of Boston

Here we have another book of photos, text and captions by Timothy Orwig. This one is a little different from those I've already looked at in that it covers the 20th Century as well as the 19th. In fact, only one of four chapters represents the 19th century, so this book is a good complement to any of the others I've covered. The 19th Century photos shown here include some of the 'usual suspects' from other sources - this is no doubt unavoidable given the paucity of material and the desire to cover the 'big' subjects. With the inclusion of the 20th Century, you also get away from downtown Boston, including a look at an auto race at the Readville track - half a mile from where I sit now, and a famous shot of Presidential candidate Eisenhower in an open car on Blue Hill ave.

All in all, this is well worth a look. It's not a book I'd go back to very often, but nice to see at least once.

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