Thursday, January 20, 2011

Museum of Fine Arts

Original Museum of Fine Arts

I thought I'd stay in the Back Bay and look at Copley square for this entry. While three anchors of the square, Trinity church, the Old South church and the Boston Public Library all remain, a fourth has been lost. Boston's Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1870, and in 1876 moved into a new building at Copley square. The building was expanded twice, but when still more room was needed, a new location was purchased down Huntington avenue, and the present building was erected in 1909. The old building was torn down and replaced by the Copley Plaza hotel.

Copley Square, 1908. Museum locating is indicated in red. Note that Huntington avenue originally extended through the square to Boylston street.

New Museum site - 1915. The museum was planned to be expanded as necessary - note the 'proposed' wings not yet built.

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