Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Old Feather Store

Old Feather Store, 1775, approximate location marked in red. Notice how close the location was to the waterfront. The building was on Ann street, at the edge of the then-appropriately named Dock square.

The Old Feather Store, photographed shortly before it was torn down.

Boston, 1855. The location of Ann street relative to Faneuil Hall helps us place the Old Feather store.

No discussion of lost Boston buildings is complete without a a shout-out for the Old Feather Store. The building was erected in 1680, after the fire of 1679 burned much of the area (and led to the first paid fire department in North America) and housed many businesses over the years, including the eponymous feather store in the early 1800s. The construction was oak timber and stucco, embedded with pieces of broken glass bottles replacing the more common pebbles in the mix.

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