Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Review: Boston's Depots and Terminals

When I set out to cover the old train depots of Boston on this blog, I didn't know that there was a book that covered the same subject.  I recently came across a reference to it online, and was able to access it from within my suburban library network. It is exactly what you'd expect - photos, prints, maps, schedules and posters, along with short histories of each line. There are quite a few images you won't find online, appendices, and a bibliography. Definitely worth a look for anyone interested in 19th (and 20th) century Boston and in the railroads that served it.

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  1. An excellent book - I highly recommend it as well for Boston historians as well as railfans...

    If you like photos, photo collector/seller Robert Liljestrand put out two books "Rails Across Boston" which have a lot of photos of trains, rails and stations in the Boston area. Two volumes (North & South), and can be found easily on line for around $16 each.