Monday, February 6, 2012

United States Hotel

United States Hotel in Boston, 1883.

United States Hotel, Beach street, 1895.

United States Hotel, 1851.

Built 1824, before elevators, the United States was one of the first major hotels in the nation. It was originally four floors, althought the print above shows five in parts of the complex, it was gradually dded to over the years. Daniel Webster, Senator and great orator, was one of the famous residents Taken over by Tilly Haynes in 1879, who happened to be a mapmaker, and who drew the map shown above. The location was right between the city's four southern train stations. It was torn down between 1928-38.


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  4. My grandmother worked at this hotel in 1900. I have found info that shows it was burned to the ground in the Lincoln Street fire in 1893, but this obviously rebuilt. Any photos of the rebuilt hotel available? Appreciate what you've posted--LC in CA

  5. My grandfather (Harry Hubbard Cooper) was assistant manager of The United States Hotel in the early 1900s, and might have known LC's grandmother! LC, can you email me what you know about her?